Senin, 19 Oktober 2015

Chapter #1

Its three or two months ago, i think. I remembered when i sat on there, on the rocks and all under me is full of water. I mean a lake. Thought that i've been thinking about how's life go on. Imagined that how about the lake was a mistaken and i just sitting on there, remind my mistake and i can't go. No more. But i saw something, something beautiful that every single a mistaken that we made or every problems comes into our life like a river flow, just remember, it makes us strong. That's why we have to learn how to swimming. To save us, to make us brave, fearless, and feel life. This time, iunderstand what St. Clouds movie was tell me about, "we feel pain because we're life" and i believe, God knows what is the best part of every problems come into our life and it prove us that we are the chosen one of servant Allah. 
Insyaallah. 🙏

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